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ALMA -Dynamiques Fluides

Audiovisual performance, 2021

ALMA - Fragments: The Shape of Things

Audiovisual performance, 2021

Fragments: The Shape of Things is an audiovisual performance in which 2 human performers act live on Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life algorithms to generate and modulate a poetic immersive experience.

ALMA - Fragments: Poetics of Otherness

Audiovisual performance, 2020

SNN#3: Forms of the Living

Audiovisual performance, 2020

SNN#3: Forms of the Living is a new world premiere performance from Chris Salter, Alex Saunier and Takashi Ikegami which takes place in four locations simultaneously: Montreal, Berlin, Tokyo and Mozilla Hubs. The live and online performance thematizes the new set of conditions we are all living in and the forms of experience that these new relationships engender – conditions where viral and machine forces and human culture are all symbiotically entangled. Source material produced by the COVID pandemic – news media, sound, statistical and epidemiological data and models – is orchestrated in each physical space and in online Mozilla Hubs rooms and then fed back and forth across the planet in real time so that the different spaces ripple into and across one another.

SNN#2: Light/Space/Prop

Light and Sound Installation, 2020

SNN#2: Light/Space/Prop (after Moholy-Nagy) is a dynamic, large-scale light and sound installation designed for a public space that updates Bauhaus artist Lazslo Moholy-Nagy’s 1920s vision of a new “electrified moving image” – a Light Prop for the Electric Stage. Originally created for the city wide LLUM_BCN light festival in Barcelona in February 2020, a series of slowly modulating light images are distorted by lenticular lenses attached to five moving lights mounted in a tower in the center of the Can Framis Art Foundation courtyard. These moving lights rotate so that planes of light images can move across the walls of the Foundation at different speeds and rhythms, influenced by a series of spiking neural networks (SNN’s) visualized and projected at mammoth scale in the space. Moholy-Nagy described a new kind of light environment where “light and motion once again become elements of cre­ation.” SNN#2 transports this vision into our new algorithmic machine age, creating an ever-shifting, almost contemplative environment that radically slows down our own perception of space and time.

SNN#1: The Speed of Thoughts Itself

Audiovisual performance, 2019


Lighting Design, 2019

Vitra #3

Light Installation, 2018

Vitra #2

Light Installation, 2018